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The Olive Oil Commission of California was created to support California olive oil farmers and handlers by conducting activities that enhance and maintain the olive oil industry.

This section of our website is designed to assist Olive Oil Commission of California members in complying with the requirements for mandatory government and private laboratory testing to determine olive oil quality and purity as defined by the OOCC law. This information is available to all interested parties.

Included below are links to the various documents necessary to fully understand and complete the OOCC requirements:

Summary Tables of California Olive Oil Standards
2017-18 CDFA Grade and Labeling Standards For Olive Oil, Refined-Olive Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil
California HSC Reference for Olive Oil
United States Standards for Grades of Olive and Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil

Together these documents provide a summary of and detailed information about California olive oil standards.

Olive Oil Commission of California Sampling Program

Included below are links to documents designed to assist with compliance of OOCC mandatory sampling requirements:

2017 18 Sampling Checklist and Timeline

Tank Sampling Guidance Document

Voluntary Participation in OOCC Mandatory Government Testing Program

Participation in the OOCC’s government sampling and testing program is mandatory for producers of 5,000 gallons or more per year. The program is also open to producers with less than 5,000 gallons. In June 2017, the provisions for voluntary participation in the OOCC’s mandatory sampling and testing program were refined so as to be more accessible for smaller producers. The refinements are in the required testing (only requiring PV, FFA, UV and Organoleptic tests) and an adjustment in the required fees. The fees for voluntary participation are $0.14 per gallon of production.

If you wish to voluntarily participate in the OOCC, please complete the voluntary participation form below and notify the OOCC office by January 5, 2018.

Voluntary Participation Form.

Olive Oil Commission of California Law

Read the formal law authored by the California State Legislature which established the Olive Oil Commission of California in March 2014.

Olive Oil Commission of California Meetings

All meetings of the OOCC are posted here and on the website of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. They are open to the public and industry members are encouraged to attend. Meeting records for the past year are available here.

2017 18 Assessment Form

California olive oil handlers who process more than 5,000 gallons of olive oil during the marketing season are responsible for collecting and remitting assessments to the OOCC. This is a downloadable form for use in submitting these funds.

Beginning in April 2017, the California Department of Food and Agriculture will conduct an audit of all handlers in the state to ensure all those who produce 5,000 gallons or more per year are being properly assessed under the OOCC. Information about the audit process is provided below.

OOCC Audit Requirements 

Olive Oil Commission of California Leadership

See a list of current OOCC Board and Advisory Committee members.

Downloadable OOCC Handler Packet 2017-18

For your convenience, please use the link above to download all necessary OOCC documents and forms for 2017-18 in one file.

Use of the OOCC Service Mark

The OOCC allows members in good standing to utilize a Service Mark on packaging or promotional materials. To use the mark, please complete the OOCC Service Mark Agreement form below and return to the OOCC at info @ Also attached is a description of approved language that can accompany the mark. Once the Service Mark Agreement has been approved, the OOCC can provide artwork files of the service mark or logo.

OOCC Service Mark Agreement 

OOCC Service Mark – Attachment A

OOCC Communications Tools

To assist members in talking about their involvement in the OOCC to various audiences, the OOCC has provided some communications tools that explain how the OOCC program works and its benefits for the California olive oil industry.

How to Talk About the Olive Oil Commission of California

OOCC Member Poster

OOCC members may order copies of this poster by emailing us at email-members-page

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