About the Olive Oil Commission of California

About Us

What is the OOCC?

Research shows that consumers are confused by olive oil labels. The OOCC was created and is funded by California olive oil farmers who are striving to provide a better product for consumers and who wish to promote clear, simple and accurate labeling of California olive oil. Their goal is to help consumers make more informed purchase choices when it comes to the health and flavor of their olive oil.

Under the OOCC program, labels on California olive oil must provide a clear indication of the quality grade. For example, California olive oil labels must specifically distinguish natural olive oil from industrial refined oils. The OOCC has implemented a mandatory process for verifying the quality and purity of their members’ products through a government sampling program and third-party sensory and chemistry analysis.

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About the Commission Law

In California, farmers are allowed to establish entities known as Commissions to conduct authorized activities under the California Food and Agricultural Code, Chapter 29 of Part 2, Division 22. The law creating the Olive Oil Commission of California was established through Senate Bill 250. The OOCC was approved by a vote of qualifying industry members and became effective March 24, 2014. The OOCC is a California government entity operating under authority provided in the California Food and Agriculture Code.

Click here to view the law establishing the Olive Oil Commission of California.

Who is Subject to OOCC Regulations?

California olive oil producers who process more than 5,000 gallons of olive oil during the marketing season are subject to OOCC requirements. California olive oil handlers who meet the above criteria are responsible for collecting and remitting assessments to the OOCC.

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OOCC Leadership

All activities of the OOCC are conducted by a Board of Directors elected by Olive Oil Commission of California members. The OOCC Board of Directors is comprised of six producer members, three handler members and one public member. The OOCC has also established an Advisory Committee composed of producers whose output is fewer than 5,000 gallons per year to ensure the interests of smaller farmers and processors are considered.

Olive Oil Commission of California Board Members
Member Alternate
District 1 Liz Tagami, Lucero Olive Oil Adam Kennedy, Knaughty Farms
Larry Maben, Maben Family LLC Vacant
District 2 Adam Englehardt, Boundary Bend Olives/Cobram Estate Vacant
Samantha Dorsey, McEvoy of Marin LLC Deborah Rogers, McEvoy of Marin LLC
District 3 Jeff Colombini,* Lodi Farming Pat Ricchiuti, P-R Farms, Inc.
Richard Marchini, Marchini Ag Rolland Rosenthal, Cal Rose, Inc.
Member Alternate
District 1 Jim Lipman, California Olive Ranch Mary Bolton, California Olive Ranch
District 2 Jim Etters, Seka Hills Olive Mill Ciriaco Chavez, Boundary Bend Olives/ Cobram Estate
District 3 Brady Whitlow, Corto Olive LP Vincent Ricchiuti, ENZO Olive Oil Company
Public Members

Bruce Golino, Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery

Advisory Committee

*Albert Katz, Napa,– CA
Amy Bridge Day – Coloma, CA
Patricia Calvert – Vacaville, CA
Pamela Marvel – Capay, CA
Robert Roos – Templeton, CA
**Mark Sievers – Fairfield, CA
Kathryn Tomajan – Berkeley, CA

**Vice Chair

About the OOCC Membership

Producers of the olive oil brands listed below have been determined as Olive Oil Commission of California members in good standing. They are in compliance with OOCC requirements which include the following:

  • Annual production exceeding 5,000 gallons.
  • Participation in the mandatory government sampling and testing program.
  • Labels used on products have been verified as accurate through independent chemical and sensory laboratory analysis.
  • Assessments for participation in the program have been paid in full.
OOCC Members in Good Standing as of September 1, 2017
  • Bari Olive Oil
  • Bariani Olive Oil
  • Boundary Bend Olives/ Cobram Estate
  • California Olive Ranch
  • Corto Olive Co.
  • Enzo Olive Oil
  • La Panza Ranch
  • Lucero Olive Oil
  • McEvoy of Marin
  • Nick Sciabica and Sons
  • Organic Roots
  • Seka Hills
  • The Mill at Kings River
  • The Olive Press
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